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Winner of the 2010 Margaret Atwood Society Best Book Prize. In Engendering Genre, renowned Margaret Atwood scholar Reingard M. Nischik analyzes the relationship between gender and genre in Atwood's works. She approaches Atwood's oeuvre by genre - poetry, short fiction, novels, criticism, comics, and film - and examines them individually. She explores how Atwood has developed her genres to be gender-sensitive in both content and form and argues that gender and genre are inherently complicit in Atwood's work: they converge to critique the gender-biased designs of traditional genres. This combination of gender and genre results in the recognizable Atwoodian style that shakes and extends the boundaries of conventional genres and explores them in new ways. The book includes the first in-depth treatment of Atwood's cartoon art as well as the first survey of her involvement with film, and concludes with an interview with Margaret Atwood on her career "From Survivalwoman to Literary Icon."

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