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When ten-year-old Susan Marcus discovers a world of prejudice right in her own back yard she makes a small but courageous stand in this irresistibly appealing historical novel set in 1943.You wouldn't even know there was a war on, thinks Susan Marcus as she surveys her new neighborhood in Clayton, Missouri. There are no air raid wardens, no blackout curtains. It's so different from her old home in New York City: no tall apartment buildings, no bustling city streets. Susan can barely understand people, their accents are so thick, and of course eveyone in Clayton is a St. Louis Cardinals fan and sworn enemy of Susan's beloved New York Yankees. Worst of all, for the first time in her life, ten-year-old Susan encounters prejudice -- against New Yorkers, Jews, blacks, and the Japanese. She must be circumspect about her friendship with Loretta (the daughter of the black janitor), for Jim Crow laws still exist in 1943 Missouri. Outraged, Susan decides to strike a blow against them. She's not going to break the rules exactly; she's just going to bend them.

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Gus Gross, age 23, huge and mean-looking because of childhood facial scars, returns to Canada after five grueling years fighting in Afghanistan only to discover that his...

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The stunning debut novel from DUBRAYS No.1 Bestseller and SUNDAY TIMES Children's Book of the Week Winner Sarah Moore Fitzgerald. Partnered with ALZHEIMER'S RESEARCH this is...

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Tehran - Spring 1914. The Persian Constitutional Revolution had succeeded in establishing a Parliament to check the power of a corrupt Shah. Meanwhile Russia, France, and...

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A Story of Deceit and Murder, Vegas Style.Kirkus Review: An office drone gets a shot at his dream job–managing a mobbed-up casino–in this fizzy thriller.Sarasota insurance...

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Love is the furthest thought from Keon 'KC' Carter's mind. He’s having too much fun being a bachelor. However, once he takes a different look at the sultry Shaeterra Jackson,...

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