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Tehran - Spring 1914. The Persian Constitutional Revolution had succeeded in establishing a Parliament to check the power of a corrupt Shah. Meanwhile Russia, France, and Britain joust for control of Persia and the rest of the Middle East.Abdulrahim Kashani, a leader of the Revolution, is returning to life as a shop owner in the Bazaar when he is invited by the Worshipful Master of his Masonic Lodge to make a journey to Paris. The reason for this three thousand mile trip into a region on the verge of war? His treasured stamp collection! Kashani is the foremost authority on stamp collecting in all of Persia, but even he knows that this is not the real reason.Within days of accepting the invitation, Kashani is approached by his cousin the Grand Ayatollah, the British Ambassador to Persia, and a German Spy. Everyone seems to know more about this trip than he does. And they all want something from him. When agents of MI6 step in to save his life, he learns that Paris may not be his final destination.This story is fiction, but based on real people, a documented trip, and the geopolitical machinations that led up to the start of the First World War. It is a look behind the scenes of the events that transformed the Middle East into the political cauldron we find today. The Stamp Collector launches the reader into a world of dazzling characters and ensnares them in a captivating spell of masterful storytelling.

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The stunning debut novel from DUBRAYS No.1 Bestseller and SUNDAY TIMES Children's Book of the Week Winner Sarah Moore Fitzgerald. Partnered with ALZHEIMER'S RESEARCH this is...

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Gus Gross, age 23, huge and mean-looking because of childhood facial scars, returns to Canada after five grueling years fighting in Afghanistan only to discover that his...

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A Story of Deceit and Murder, Vegas Style.Kirkus Review: An office drone gets a shot at his dream job–managing a mobbed-up casino–in this fizzy thriller.Sarasota insurance...

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When ten-year-old Susan Marcus discovers a world of prejudice right in her own back yard she makes a small but courageous stand in this irresistibly appealing historical...

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